Daniel Bachman Announces New Album ‘Almanac Behind’, Releases New Song

Daniel Bachman has announced a new album titled Back Almanac, which arrives November 18 via Three Lobed. The follow-up until 2021’s Axacan and this year’s collection of covers Lonesome Tired Blues was led by new single ‘Flood Stage’. Check it out and find the record’s cover art and tracklist below.

Bachman shared the following statement about the album:

The hissing of fire, the crack of thunder, and the silence of blackout. Howling wind, heavy rain, and the force of moving water. Sounds innately familiar to everyone on Earth experiencing climate change and its impact on their communities. This is the music of Almanac Behind. The ‘Flood Stage’ will take you right at high tide. The pulsing rhythm that rides over the airwaves is created by slowing down the local AM radio static until the noise separates itself into distinct beats. Fiddle drones weave in and out of the river water, while gong-like guitar notes sound out at regular intervals. This melody was created by digitally cutting and pasting improvisational tape recordings to create an entirely new guitar piece, resembling broken debris floating downstream. The guitar is slowly overtaken by the sound of all of Virginia’s major rivers in flood stage, falling and collapsing in on themselves, and breaking away like water breaking a riverbank.

Back Almanac Cover Artwork:

Back Almanac Tracklist:

1. Barometric Cascade (Signal Collapse)
2. 8:35 PM KHB36 (Alter Course)
3. Bow Echo / Wall Cloud
4. Gust Front (The Waiting)
5. 540 Supercell
6. 10:17 PM KHB36 (The Warned Area)
7. Stage of the Flood
8. Flooding (The Blackout)
9. Wildfire (Smoke Over Old Rag)
10. Think Before You Breathe
11. 3:24 AM KHB36 (When the World’s on Fire)
12. Dawn (In Awful Silence)
13. Grid Reactivation
14. Five Old Messages (MadCo Alert)
15. Recalibration / Normalization