Everything we learned at D23 Expo’s Pixar and Walt Disney Animation panel

In this photo illustration, the Pixar Animation Studios logo can be seen on a smartphone screen.

Sofa Pictures | Lightrocket | Getty Images

The Walt Disney Company is set to reveal new information about its upcoming slate of animated movies and TV shows during its Pixar and Disney Animation Studios panel at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California on Friday.

Animated films released in theaters floundered at the box office at the end of the pandemic. At first, parents were reluctant to send kids back to movie theaters, but now it seems that lackluster titles and an increase in children’s content on streaming have contributed to keeping families at home.

Disney has exacerbated this issue since reopening theaters, as it has put most of its new Pixar movies on Disney+ including “Turning Red,” “Soul” and “Luca.” Although these decisions were made at a time when vaccinations were either unavailable to children and moviegoing foot traffic was slow, it trained consumers to expect these streaming titles.

It’s part of the reason why “Lightyear” had a lackluster opening in theaters this summer. Of course, the film was also hurt by a confusing premise that deviated from what made the Toy Story franchise special.

Disney is expected to showcase new titles from Pixar and its Walt Disney Animation Studio as well as films related to its live-action remakes at Friday’s panel. It will also share which movies are coming to theaters and which are coming via Disney+.

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