Luke Fuller’s “Terra-Form” at Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Terra-Form is a recent exhibition at Sarah Myerscough Gallery in Londonfeaturing the work of ceramic artist Luke Fuller.

Inspired by his childhood memories of Port Talbot, an iron mining town, nestled between the mountains and the sea in Wales, as well as the dreamlike landscapes of science fiction, the young artist created a series of unconventional ceramics pieces, imbued with meaning.

Through his work, Luke Fuller reflects on topics surrounding a complex relationship with human nature. He uses the physicality of labor, and experimental methods of construction to understand and critique them.
For this exhibition, the artist focused primarily on the implications of industrial mining. The choice of materials and methods, experimental but deliberate, refers back to his main subject. Using large-scale, organic yet alien-looking sculptures, Luke Fuller says,

‘I think the work at least acknowledges the confusing state of the world and the thoughts we all have on these subjects. The infrastructure we’ve created relies on industrialization, but I feel we’ve reached a point where we’re not ready to hear about it or acknowledge it.’ (Fuller, 2021)

Terra-Form at Sarah Myerscough Gallery [London]Terra-Form at Sarah Myerscough Gallery [London]

Terra-Form at Sarah Myerscough Gallery [London]Terra-Form at Sarah Myerscough Gallery [London]

To learn more about the show, order an exhibition catalog.
Terra-Form is at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery until 29th January 2022.

Photo Credit: Michael Harvey